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Warm Glass - A Brief Summary*

Fusing:  Fusing is the process of joining two or more kinds of glass through melting.  It is a general term used to describe several techniques for creating flat objects by superimposing layers of glass.  Tack fusing, full fusing and adding inclusions are all fusing techniques.

Slumping (Thermoforming): Slumping is the technique of imparting shape to the glass by increasing its temperature without heating the material to a fluid state.  The nature of glass is to deform quickly and visibly under weight and adhere to surfaces once the softening point is reached.

Kiln Casting & Pate de Verre (Glass Paste): Kiln casting and pate de verre are two techniques that share one principle: creating glass objects that take on the interior shape of a mold through the appropriate firing program.  Kiln Casting allows one to make pieces and items that are generally quite solid, although it is also possible to make solid ones.  Pate de Verre involves using ground glass to make pieces.  In general, ground glass is placed inside a mold and fired with a specific program that fuses the particles of glass together.  

*Warm Glass: A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques. Philippa Beveridge, Ignasi Domenech and Eva Pascual. Lark Books: New York, 2005.