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About Baker-Hart Studio

After arranging books on shelves for over twenty years, Deborah Zingaro now devotes her time to arranging colors on canvasses.

Though not formally trained, Deborah's innate artistic abilities have produced an eclectic collection of works that differ both in subject matter and style.  Many of her large paintings are characterized by the bold colors and sweeping strokes of nature while other, smaller compositions, are developed through the use of softer tones that represent home and hearth.

Deborah's paintings have been on exhibit at the Dr. and Mrs. Robert Guelcher Art Show at the Gertrude Barber Center in Erie, Pa: TABSULA Art Festival, Ashtabula, Ohio:her oil painting "Dark Lily" was accepted in the Lily Festival in 2014 in the Stonewall Gallery at Campbell Pottery in Edinboro, PA.: and, she was the May 2015 Artist-of-the-Month at Halliday's Winery in Lake Milton, Ohio. Recently, she and her husband, Joe, were the March, 2016 and May 2017, 2018 and  Artists-of-the-Month at Halliday's Winery in Lake Milton, Ohio. In addition, Deborah's paintings are on display at Meadville Fine Arts in Meadville, PA.

Also, Deborah provided the cover art for Robert White's latest 2015 crime novel, Waiting on a Bridge of Maggots which can be found on Amazon.com.

In addition to painting Deborah also works with her husband, Joseph, to create kiln formed pieces of glass. This kiln formed glass becomes beautiful and functional when heated to temperatures that fuse the glass together or change its shape.  

The traditional techniques of bonding glass in a kiln include glass melting (fusing), thermoforming (slumping), glass paste (pate de verre) and glass casting.